All orders are shipped within 24 hours outside of weekends and holidays. Our cutoff for same day shipping is 3pm eastern Monday-Friday, and 12pm eastern on Saturday. We do not ship on Sunday. Due to legal restrictions we are unable to ship to the following states and counties/cities. States Alabama Arkansas Indiana Rhode Island Vermont Washington D.C. Wisconsin Cities/Counties Jerseyville, IL City of Oceanside, CA Ontatio, OR City of San Diego, CA Sarasota County, FL Union County, MS


If you provide your e-mail address, tracking will be e-mailed when we purchase our shipping for the day. Once your tracking is e-mailed, we still have to fulfill your order and drop it off, which will happen later in the day. Whether your package is dropped off in the morning or evening, it will end up in the same sorting facility by midnight. Please understand, once your package is dropped with the post office, it is no longer in our hands and out of our control.

Priority Mail

Priority shipping typically takes 2-3 days from the time the package is dropped off at the post office. We appreciate your understanding that the post office is not a perfect service, and delays do happen from time to time. Delays are especially common during the holidays, and customers should plan ahead in the month of December.

Priority Express

Priority Express Mail offers next day delivery for most locations, but not all. If you live in a rural area, your package may take 2 days to arrive. If your package has a 1 day delivery guarantee and doesn’t arrive by the next day, then we can collect a refund from the post office on your behalf. If your package has a 2 day delivery guarantee, then we cannot collect a refund unless it takes more than 2 days to arrive.

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