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Providing premium quality kratom powder at excellent prices since 2015. All orders ship within 24 hours! Wholesale prices and bulk orders available upon request. With our secure payment options, our customers have assurance they will get what they pay for. We have next day express shipping available and ship until 3pm everyday. Therefore, you can depend upon on us to deliver promptly. We consider ourselves to be a reliable vendor and believe we have the best customer service in the industry.


While our competition continues to focus on sales, we just want to make our customers happy. We believe happy customers are the seed of a successful business. All orders come with a free sample. Our amazing loyalty rewards program rewards customers with free kratom based on monthly purchases. In conclusion, we feel we are the best vendor in the industry. Check out our facebook page to hear about promotions and give aways. Visit our kratom page to browse all of our strains.


Mitragyna Speciosa grows wild in Southeast Asia. Kratom trees can grow as tall as 40 feet. Since kratom leaves are picked in the wild, all of the kratom products found on this site are organic. We pick the kratom leaves from tall, mature trees. Many believe that mature leaves are higher in alkaloid content. Our supplier fills big bags with kratom leaves and then transports to a processing facility. He washes the leaves and dries away from sunlight for several days, until they are ready process into powder. Drying under an overhang allows the leaves to dry evenly and avoids any browning. Upon processing, the result is a smooth and fine grind of kratom powder. After spending several years networking in the industry, we are now able to provide high quality kratom powder at wholesale prices for both consumers and businesses.

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