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Introducing Crisp (super green), the highest grade kratom powder on the market.

With years of personal and industry experience with kratom, we at BKB learned there are certain manufacturing practices that translate to a fresher, more potent product. For the past 2 years, we aimed to only work with purveyors who meet this uncommon criteria. Over time, we began to narrow down our supply chains, trying new suppliers less and less. Still, we continued our search for manufacturers who met our standards. And not too long ago, we found one who surpasses the criteria of anyone we had worked through before. We just had to get an order in!

While we have always been proud of our quality, we can say with confidence that Crisp will consistently be a higher quality product than anything we have offered before. We truly believe that this is the highest grade of kratom powder on the market!

A long time ago we began to notice that the best batches of kratom had a sweet, crisp smell to them. How did this sweet smell come about? I was so eager to find out, but no Indonesian supplier could or would tell me. I was hunting for answers, but eventually I gave up. And then one day, I figured it out by my detective work. Since then we have aimed to deliver this sweet crisp smell to you guys, which only comes about through particular manufacturing practices. We are excited to finally have the freshest, crispiest, and highest grade kratom on the market!


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11 reviews for Crisp

  1. Brad Allred (verified owner)

    Wow, you aren’t kidding. This stuff is nearly neon green and so fresh it stains the bag.

  2. Gayla Bridgewaters (verified owner)

    Wish it was in stock more often. Only bad thing about it is it goes too fast ?

  3. Brandon

    Excellent strain

  4. timothy ostrom (verified owner)

    this is the best kratom i have tried. i’m about to order my 3rd kilo. i’ve been “hitting the dirt” since ’13 and this stuff is pretty much fire. lots of energy, good pain relief, and it just puts you in a very “can do” mood. like great for menial labor, like mowing lawns or doing laundry…

  5. Mark (verified owner)

    Hands down the best kratom on the market. You cannt beat the price and service.

  6. Shawn


  7. Mark Craven (verified owner)

    The best kratom available. Nothing close. Plus you cannt beat the price and service.

  8. King of the Herrings

    If you think you have a favorite kratom, I respectfully call bull crap, because if you’re reading this it isn’t already BKB crisp. There is one premium brand I have held above all others for years, and today I took some for the first while after taking only crisp for a couple weeks. It was basically the difference between your favorite online vendor and an ok headshop brand, that was how stark the difference was. Crisp is inconquerable. Crisp crushes the cumulative culmination of even the most curated of (c)perfect cratoms. FaCt. (And decent customet service can be hard to fine, BKB’s is exceptional)

  9. Jeff (verified owner)

    To echo the sentiments in the comments section, these guys have the best assortment, pricing and potency of all the other vendors out there. I went through a lot of different Kratom companies until I ended up here and have been a continuous customer for years now.

  10. ハリーウィンストン時計スーパーコピー日本

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