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Super Green Horn Kratom For Sale

Our Super Green Horn is a potent green vein derived from only horned kratom leaves. Sourced from fertile land within the region of Borneo, Indonesia. Our supplier and his team pick the leaves from tall, mature trees that grow wild. Therefore, this product is organic. Please access the splits listing if you would like to split between different strains of kratom.

Turning Super Green Horn Leaves into Powder

After collection, the leaves are taken to a processing facility.Washing the leaves is the first step. After all the leaves are clean of dirt and other natural debris, workers place them on drying trays. Lazy drying techniques involve stacking leaves to save time and space. Consequently, this can result in mildew and discoloration. By carefully placing the leaves 1 by 1 and not stacking, we ensure the drying process is complete by the highest standard. Especially relevant, our team makes the effort to see that the leaves dry away from the sun, since exposure to sunlight can result in browning and discoloration. After several days of drying, workers grind the leaves into a fine powder. In conclusion, the end result is a very fresh and pure product. You really can’t go wrong with the super green horn!

Fulfillment for Super Green Horn

We fulfill our orders in our own private facility using masks and gloves to minimize human contact. All orders ship within 24 hours with a tracking number sent to your e-mail. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We are happy to provide this amazing botanical at an affordable price for our customers. We encourage all of our customers to support the American Kratom Association and involve yourself in the fight to keep kratom legal as much as you can. Thanks to the AKA and all the hard working Americans who fight for this plant, we are still able to offer it to our customers who depend upon it. Long live Kratom!

Please visit our Wholesale Page if you are looking for cheaper rates on bulk kratom.

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2 reviews for Super Green Horn

  1. Apizzle

    Very smooth euphoric strain. I ordered a QP after only one dose out of a 50 gram pouch cuz it hit so hard. Long legs and delightful mood lift. Seemed to make me very aware of my surroundings and enabled me to seamlessly knock out daily chores. Havent had a bad batch from these guys. They also give a sample with every BKB order. Talk to Andrew he is so cool and helped me out tremendously

  2. Adam Perkins (verified owner)

    This strain gave me euphoria and a huge mood boost. Definitely a well rounded and versatile addition to my repertoire. You can feel the Super effect, hence super green horn!

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