If you are interested in buying wholesale kratom, please get in touch with us at bestkratombuy@gmail.com to receive a price quote.

Cheapest Prices

We’re confident that we can provide the cheapest price on domestic kratom while
meeting or exceeding your standards for quality. If you are looking to sell kratom, then finding a reliable vendor within the USA is always a wise choice. Perhaps you are not a vendor and are just looking to stock up! Either way, we are happy to provide you with great quality kratom at excellent prices.


We understand many businesses need to sample the quality before placing an order. We can send you a sample of all 12 of our strains to try, we just kindly ask that you cover our costs! Contact us today for more information on receiving a sample.

Importing Kratom

In many cases we are able to match or even beat prices that Indonesian suppliers are charging US vendors. Usually, our prices are very close. Vendors who import kratom often run into supply issues. You should never be reluctant to order inventory for your business. But when you know you are taking risk, and could potentially lose your shipment entirely, importing can become stressful and something many vendors hold off on doing.

Kratom seized by FDA

Vendors who import often deal with supply issues, product seizures, and paranoia with the FDA. You can avoid all these troubles by choosing to buy state side. Many vendors who go out of business do so because their investment was seized by the FDA.

Why buy from us?

Simply put, we offer the best buy on bulk kilo’s. Our prices vary based on quantity ordered. The more you buy, the better the rate we can give you. Our powder is fresh and always of excellent quality. Product is imported from Indonesia on a near weekly basis. We offer several different strains, including a few different varieties of maeng da.


Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept PayPal because they do not allow for the sale of kratom. We have many secure payment options available. We kindly ask that our wholesale clients make payment via wire transfer. For first time buyers we are willing to offer other options to gain your trust. After that, we hope you will feel comfortable with doing a bank transfer.


If you show us a commitment to doing business with us, we can offer guidance and help you navigate the industry. From legal advice, processing payments, industry information, and more, we feel our information is extremely valuable and you would be wise to take advantage of our experience! We have a few merchant accounts we can refer, and also can explain the risks you are taking in the different areas of this business. You will have to earn our guidance, and it won’t all come at once.


We have worked hard to establish an honest reputation and be vendor you can depend upon. But, our reputation is not what keeps us honest. It is our integrity. We would never accept a payment from a customer and not deliver what they paid for. In the few times we have run out of stock, even when just for a couple days, we took our site down and did not accept payments. We have seen many other vendors in the industry take payments after running out of supply, and leaving customers high and dry. If ever there is any issue with your order not being received, we will refund your payment in full no questions asked.

Guaranteed Delivery

We ship out all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment. Larger orders are typically shipped via UPS ground. We are flexible with shipping and if you need another carrier/service contact us and we will get it sorted out! We guarantee delivery. For those of you who have had your imports seized, enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment will be received promptly.


We can offer COD so that you do not have to pay until your order arrives. We are charged extra by UPS for COD so we may require the buyer to cover these costs. For big orders, COD can get pricey. We appreciate your understanding!


Do you need your kratom packaged into small bags? We can offer pre-weighed bags as small as 4g, or as large as 1kg. We receive our kratom in 25kg boxes. So, if you are able work with 25kg increments, this will get you the best rate. Nevertheless, our packaging services are very affordable, especially for smaller bags like 4-10g since we use a packaging machine that weighs and packages the kratom for us. A perfect option for vendors looking to avoid the messiness of kratom. This stuff is messy!


Our kratom is fulfilled in our own private facility. We use masks and gloves to minimize human contact. We use machines to weigh and package the kratom, which also helps to limit exposure to air. A dust collector is attached to our fill room to remove any dust and particles that may float in the air. We believe our fill room is cleaner than 99.9% of the industry. Contact us for pictures!

Directions for Use

Our kratom is sold as a bulk botanical without any directions for use. This is legally the safest way to sell kratom while not harming the image of the plant. Selling kratom with a not for human consumption label has a negative impact on the image of the plant. We feel this is a reason why kratom is often grouped in with synthetic street drugs, because they have also been sold with that label.

About Us

BKB Herbal was established in 2015 under the name Best Kratom Buy. Prior to launching our site, we took feedback from kratom forum members, and tailored our website to their preferences. Fast shipping, reasonable prices, and excellent quality became the three pillars of success for our company. Top notch service is just a given here! We truly believe that we are the best vendor in the business and most of our customers agree. From small samples, to large wholesale orders, we’re the best buy!
Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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