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Wicked Kratom: How Quality is Achieved

What makes for wicked good kratom?

In our experience, there are two big factors that contribute to high quality wicked good kratom.

The first factor is the age of the leaf. An immature leaf has not developed a full alkaloid profile. As the Indonesian kratom industry grows, there are more and more suppliers starting their own farms. This has resulted in younger leaves being sourced as suppliers are less often sourcing from the mature trees that grow wild.

Since much of the industry is in the city of Pontianak, many suppliers network with one another to source leaves. In a lot of cases, batches are mixtures from various farming locations, and there are young leaves mixed in.

As leaves get older, they begin to develop a very bitter taste. For this reason, it is said that the ideal age of a kratom tree is between 3 and 7 years. Many farmers have trees within this age limit, so the rumor that farmed kratom is not good is really not true.

The second factor in getting wicked good kratom? The drying process. This is in my opinion, the most important factor for achieving top grade quality.

The freshness of powder can be seen with the eyes. It has a smoother texture, fluffier consistency, and there is slightly more moisture content. The worst batches of kratom will be grainy, with no moisture present in the powder. There is a correlation between freshness and potency.

Kratom leaves must be dried before they are ground to powder.  But did you know sun dried leaf makes up nearly all of the kratom supply? It is a more cost and time effective method, but this popular method causes degradation to the alkaloid profile compared to indoor/shaded drying. Just as kratom will gradually lose potency over time, the sun will speed up the aging process and many of the active alkaloids will reduce. 

Indoor or shaded dried kratom, on the other hard, retains greater freshness and potency. The alkaloid profile in the leaves change as the leaves dry and age. In our experience, there is an ideal point of maturity that comes after the leaves dry, but this ideal point is surpassed in outdoor drying.

In our opinion, these are the two biggest factors in getting good quality. And of course, getting the kratom shortly after it is harvested. The closer you can get to when the kratom was removed from the tree, the more active alkaloids will be present in the leaf. This is why buying through importers is the best bet. Because many of the shop brands at best have kratom that is sitting in warehouses for months.

BKB Herbal imports all of our kratom and we strictly work through indoor leaf drying facilities. For that reason, we feel that our quality and passion for kratom make us one of the best vendors in the industry.

So now you know how wicked good kratom is achieved!

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